Sam and Evan’s Coffee

Honduran, Organically Grown, Fair Trade and Bird Friendly – available in French roast or Breakfast Blend

Meet Sam and Evan, two energetic and very giving young men who are no longer with us. They never knew each other, but they shared a common passion for helping unfortunate children in Central America. Today, happily, their spirit lives on.

Through the efforts of Sam and Evan’s families and others who care, we bring you this extraordinary blend of coffee. From the cloud forests of Honduras, these 100% Fair Trade and Shade Grown beans are carefully harvested and roasted to perfection. Best of all, your purchase will preserve Sam and Evan’s quest to help kids, not just in Central America, but everywhere a need is recognized.

honduras-coffee When it comes to selling coffee in front of such an important social cause, one could be forgiven if the quality in the cup didn’t quite match the quality of the mission. After all, you have higher reasons than the taste to support the brand.

Fortunately for you, we at Sam and Evan’s Coffee care as much about our coffee as we care about the causes behind it. In both, we hold our efforts to the highest of standards. After all, our charities need you to keep coming back.

With Sam and Evan’s Coffee, you no longer have to choose between drinking great coffee and supporting great causes. Instead, you can do both.

While all of our proceeds go to charity, there is nothing charitable about drinking Sam and Evan’s Coffee. It’s worth every sip. Enjoy!

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Our Coffee

Our Coffee – Family Direct

Sam and Evan’s Coffee exclusively sources our beans from the Velasquez Family Coffee farms of Honduras.

In patronizing a single source of beans, Sam and Evan’s Coffee ensures a family direct trade connection between the buyer and the farmer no different from your weekly trips to the local farmers’ market. That means when you are drinking Sam and Evan’s Coffee, you can connect a face and name with your high quality experience.

Over fifty years ago, Maximo Velasquez began growing coffee beans in the mountains of Comayagua, Honduras. Since then, he and his family have expanded the family farm to grow roughly 100 acres of premium coffee. Using Bird-Friendly and Fair Trade practices, the Velasquez family has steadily improved the quality of its coffee year after year, bringing you the best cup of coffee possible. The relatively small size of the farm also means that the beans are hand-picked and sun dried, adding another layer of quality control not possible with larger growers.



The Velasquez family is dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality coffee, and they succeed with hard work and consistency.
  • All of this means a level of accountability that perpetually raises bean quality while ensuring environmental sustainability and community improvement.
  • It is truly a coffee worthy of the causes Sam and Evan’s represent.
  • For more information about our growers, visit www.vfamilycoffee.com.

Sam and Evan’s Coffee would like to send a special thanks to Coffee Mill Premium Coffees and Teas, the provider and shipper for Sam and Evan’s Coffee, and for offering their continual guidance, expertise and financial support in our efforts to bring you the best coffee in the market.

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Office Coffee Program

If you would like to enjoy Sam and Evan’s coffee at your office, please contact our Office Coffee partner: Coffee Mill to learn more about our office coffee program.

About Coffee Mill
Family owned and operated since 1974, Twin Cities-based Coffee Mill believes in building long-term relationships with its customers by offering great products and truly exceptional customer service. As a leading local supplier of coffees, teas and breakroom supplies, we carry some of the top brands in the industry. We are proud to be the exclusive office supplier of Sam and Evan’s coffee, which we supplement with a wide range of our own signature blends.

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Ordering Coffee

Please call Coffee Mill at 763-391-7997 to place your coffee today.

Here area the coffees we offer along with pricing and quantity.

1 Pack Sam & Evan’s Coffee


1 12 oz. bag of Sam and Evan’s Honduran Roasted coffee.

3 Pack Sam & Evan’s Coffee


3 bags of 12 oz. Sam and Evan’s Honduran Roasted coffee.

6 Pack Sam & Evan’s Coffee


6 bags of 12 oz. Sam and Evan’s Honduran Roasted coffee.

12 Pack Sam & Evan’s Coffee


12 bags of 12 oz. Sam and Evan’s Honduran Roasted coffee.

24 Pack Sam & Evan’s Coffee


3 bags of 12 oz. Sam and Evan’s Honduran Roasted coffee.

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Our Story

In the spring of 2009, Terry Munoz and Marnix Guillaume, the fathers of Sam and Evan, respectively, met one another as a result of their mutual involvement in the organization Friends of the Orphans.

It wasn’t long before the two knew they were both touched by the tragic loss of a young son, and that both of their sons shared a passion for helping underprivileged and orphaned children in Latin America.

Not long thereafter, the two began helping one another in fundraisers for their sons’ similar causes. As time passed, they realized they could improve upon this model by joining efforts and starting Sam and Evan’s Coffee, and directing all their proceeds to helping kids in need.

The coffee was grown from the cause.

Around this same time, and unbeknownst to the other, the two came to know of the Velasquez family coffee growers in Honduras. These 100% Fair Trade and Bird-Friendly growers were opening international eyes to the potential for high quality Honduran coffee. By what seems like a stroke of fate, Sam and Evan’s Coffee had found its grower almost before the search began.

What they have created together since is now a labor of love. High quality coffee grown and sold to support even higher causes.

From your very first sip of Sam and Evan’s coffee, you will know you have done something special to make a difference in the lives of many kids. And what a tasty sensation that will be. Enjoy!

About Evan

evan_blackEvan Guillaume was a Senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in English. He had the easy self-confidence that comes with being an athletic, handsome and outgoing young man, but he was caring too. After graduation, he had plans to live in Latin America for a few years, doing Mission work and helping the less fortunate.

The seed for Evan’s post-graduate plans were most likely planted when he was a Junior in high school and had just returned from a mission trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he worked with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, an organization dedicated to helping orphaned and impoverished children around the world. It was an experience that, upon learning of Evan’s passing, led his older brother to take an unorthodox break from medical school so that he could work at a medical clinic in Guatemala in Evan’s honor.

Evan touched the lives of many. A frequent anecdote recalled by friends that perhaps best sums up his personality was that Evan had a habit of seeking out the kids at a party who were maybe too shy or out of place to enjoy themselves, and making them feel at home. Evan was a happy kid, and he wanted others to be so too. This side of Evan touched everything that he did, right down to the way he played soccer – as a mid-fielder, helping his teammates score rather than taking the glory himself.

Sadly, Evan was taken from this world too soon to see his post-graduate plans completed. It is why we bring to you Sam and Evan’s Coffee in his honor, so that we might fulfilling even a small part of the good he hoped to contribute around the world.

About Sam

sam_blackSam Munoz was an outgoing and popular kid who loved life. Rather than saving his popularity for his own enjoyment, Sam cared deeply for others, particularly the underdogs or outcasts, and was quick with a helping hand. Sam once said that his favorite place in the world was San Andreas, Guatemala where he spent time in his early teens caring for abandoned and orphaned children and doing projects to better their living conditions.

Sam was a faith filled kid and a great baseball player who had planned to one day play college ball. By the age of 15 he was already trying out in front of Major League Baseball scouts. However, his work ethic carried with him beyond the baseball diamond. On his many mission trips, Sam was known as a hard worker, whether it was wielding a pick ax and pushing a wheelbarrow to dig a pig farm, or pouring concrete to build a tilapia pond.

An honor roll student who excelled in Science and Spanish, Sam hoped to one day study medicine, perhaps so he could become a pediatrician. Ultimately, his plan was to open a practice in Minnesota, so that he could afford to go on frequent mission trips to Latin America where he would offer his services for free.

Today, in Guatemala near the village of Parramos, stands a soccer field built in his honor. Sam’s name is printed on every light post, illuminating a safe place of joy and passion for young athletes, just as his radiant smile once did for family and friends before his passing.

Sam Munoz was driven by his passions. It is only fitting that in bringing you Sam and Evan’s Coffee, we too pursue our labor of love.

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Our Mission

All proceeds from Sam and Evan’s Coffee go to helping kids in need around the world.

This isn't just any old coffee.  This is coffee on a mission.

Our mission is to sell Sam and Evan’s Coffee to primarily support groups that help orphans.  We do this by supporting the orphanages and foundations directly, and by helping local teens raise funds for Mission trips focused on the same. This is the tie that binds Sam and Evan's Coffee together.  It’s how Sam and Evan would have wanted it.

A few of our top charities include:

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™ International
An international non-profit organization that provides home and security to orphaned children, primarily throughout Latin America.

Timberbay Foundation
An organization local to Minnesota that helps youth in urban, suburban and rural communities throughout the area find a sense of purpose and belonging.

Friends of the Orphans
An affiliate of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, that seeks to improve the lives of orphans throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Side-By-Side Ministries
A youth ministry partnership program that assists churches with programming, training and staff assistance, including mission trips to Honduras and Guatemala.

EMG Foundation
An organization dedicated to Evan Marnix Guillaume, that seeks to bring personal and financial assistance to underprivileged children throughout the world and raises substantial funds through an annual golf tournament in Evan's name.

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Sam and Evan’s Coffee is a great fundraising tool for sports teams, churches and missions, high school clubs, and many more youth and charitable organizations. When you organize your fundraisers with Sam and Evan’s Coffee, you’ll be providing people with high quality whole bean or ground coffee from the cloud forests of Honduras.

Unlike bigger brands where you retain a small fraction of the sales proceeds, with Sam and Evan’s Coffee fundraising, up to 50% of all sales goes to your organization. This is the Sam and Evan’s Coffee difference. Our goal is to continue the cycle of doing good. By helping you help others, we can achieve that goal over and over again.

We ship your coffee directly to you in fresh-sealed bags and have wholesale pricing available.

Contact us directly to discuss how a Sam and Evan’s coffee fundraiser can work for you church or sports team.


EMG Golf

The Evan Guillaume Memorial Golf Tournament is a charity event held annually in July to raise money for the Evan Guillaume Memorial Fund. People from all over the world fly in to participate in this weekend of good times and even better stories. Come join us!

Each year we look forward to seeing everyone from past tournaments of EMG Golf again and meeting new participants, so invite your friends!

For registration and more information, visit the official website of the Evan Guillaume Memorial Tournament.

Click here to visit our EMG site

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